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Feeling fearful about trying something adventurous? Listen in to a hub of vibrant, honest and motivational audio content, designed to encourage women to head out of their comfort zone within the outdoors. Featuring both the everyday and longer, planned challenges, Zoe Langley-Wathen invites stories from resilient women about facing their own HeadRightOut Moments, despite potential personal barriers. With the aim to inspire and empower midlife women to question and remedy their own levels of resilience, Zoe knows first-hand the power of facing fears after beginning long-distance hiking, solo at the age of forty. With life-long benefits to physical and mental health, particularly in supporting a positive peri-and post-menopause experience, she believes all women should be encouraged to try new things. Though aimed at midlife women, all ages and genders can benefit from the impact of the messages offered.

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