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The Good, The Bad & The Rugby // Folding Pocket

The Good, The Bad & The Rugby is a weekly podcast starring England legends James Haskell and Mike Tindall, alongside noted broadcaster Alex Payne. Featuring some of the biggest names across rugby, as well as the wider sporting and pop-cultural realms, it has attracted a cult following due to its rare ability to draw in the core rugby fan while cutting through and engaging a wider audience too. Such success is due to the show’s USP: the special connection between Alex (Good), James (Bad), and Mike (Rugby). This relationship allows the guys to capture the personalities and characters of their guests, on and off the pitch, digging beneath the veneer to unearth real, raw stories. There is no defining an episode and there are no gimmicks; it’s an intoxicating cocktail of silliness, humour and heartbreak. A rollercoaster of emotions slotted into an hour and a half.

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