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Middle Please, Umpire is an amusing yet insighful cricket podcast, launched in late 2020; and already a cult listen. Presented by England bowler and 2019 World Cup winner, Mark Wood; alongside comedian, actor, writer and cricket nut, Miles Jupp. They are joined weekly by a brilliant guest; already ranging from England captain Joe Root, to celebrity fans including Oscar-winning 007 director Sir Sam Mendes, Richard Osman plus legends of the game like David Gower. At the heart of the show is the highly entertaining relationship between Mark and Miles. While their vantage points of the game are very different - one playing in the cauldron of international cricket, the other batting for Monmouth 4ths - they show how the sport can experience (and laugh at) the same things wherever the game is played. Middle Please, Umpire has grown rapidly, reaching over 150,000 downloads after 15 episodes and is much loved by listeners.

Find full episodes of this show HERE.

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