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Bring Back V10s - Classic F1 Stories

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The Race Media

Bring Back V10s is all about celebrating the years when Formula 1 transformed itself on the track and off it. As race teams grew from tens of people to hundreds, huge money came in from sponsors and car manufacturers, and a new generation of drivers became international superstars. Our aim is to revisit the many fantastic stories from this era, and tell them in more depth than ever before. We create the shows through in-depth research of coverage at the time, revelations that have come to light since, and with the help of special guests who were on the inside of the sport in those years. We want to entertain and inform our listeners, whether they were watching F1 at the time and want to get that nostalgia kick, or if they're new to F1 and want to hear about the brilliant stories that were before their time!

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