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The Football Manager Show by The Athletic was conceived as a regular group therapy session for the world"s hopelessly addicted Football Manager players, with host Iain Macintosh (author of Football Manager Stole My Life) delivering hints, tips, consolation and compassion to tens of thousands of listeners every week. The series is well aware of its own nerdiness. It is therefore utterly authentic and reflective of its audience, who have formed a highly engaged community around the podcast, taking part in challenges and sending in their (often hilarious) in-game experiences. In just 30 episodes, we have accumulated hundreds of five star ratings and established ourselves as a consistent presence at the top end of Apple"s Leisure chart. Just as pleasingly, we have been inundated with messages from listeners who had fallen out of love with Football Manager, but rekindled their romance because this podcast threw them a lifeline.

Find full episodes of this show HERE.

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