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Esportz Entertainment Corp/ Esportz Network

The Esports Network Podcast is the primary long-form podcast of Esportz Network. Our esports podcast host Kevin Correa features interviews with key figures in esports and gaming from around the world as well as the latest business and entertainment news in the industry. As an increasing number of esports fans look for the latest esports and gaming information, our podcasts help them keep up with this expansive industry. Episodes are typically 25-40 minutes long and published twice weekly. Over 210 Esports Network Podcasts have been produced and distributed on 24 podcast platforms and websites including podcast giants like Google, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Pandora. The podcasts consistently rank in the top 10 esports podcast search results on these platforms with a growing population of loyal listeners. As a consistent esports industry leader we believe we should WIN!

Find full episodes of this show HERE.

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