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The Socially Distant Sports Bar

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Comedians Elis James and Mike Bubbins meet up with Sports Journalist Steff Garrero every week to chat about sports... except, like every converstation you've ever had, they disappear off on huge tangents. We started the podcast because of the lack of live sport during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first 5 episodes were a funny Sport Podcast but then it morphed into a Comedy Podcast about Sport... The rough format is that each of the presenters picks a short clip, then take turns to pick a feature-length documentary, followed by a second short clip each, ending with one of them choosing a book all related to sport... But in reality we wind up talking about rude things, silly things, really not sporty things and then get to the sporty things... Have a listen... **WARNING: CONTAINS VERY RUDE WORDS - UNBLEEPED

Find full episodes of this show HERE.

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