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How to get involved?

Are you an active podcaster?

Anyone with an active podcast can become a judge - making this a true democracy and putting the power in the hands of your peers.

You will have to listen to all the entries in a category before you can select your winners and the more accurate your votes are, the more points you will receive and the more visibility your own podcast will get.

A podcaster's vote will count for 5x that of a listener.

Are you an avid podcast listener?

If you're a sports podcast listener, you too can have a say in who wins the award for each category.

All you need to do is vote on your favorite podcast from each category.

You don't need to listen to all the entries in order to vote, but you can vote on as many categories as you wish.

What are Audio Points?

Audio points reflect your individual score as a judge. The more you participate, the more audio points you'll receive.

Compare your results against the result of the judging community by checking out the Judging Leaderboard.

The top 3 judges will win a selection of exclusive prizes and the higher you are on the leaderboard, the more visibility your own podcast will get!

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